We’ve known for years the devastating after effects of concussions—PTSD, crippling anxiety, head-splitting migraines, depression, brain fog, fatigue, and more…

The Concussion Repair Program
- with Dr. Dan Engle - 

You may be one of the millions of Americans told by doctors, there’s nothing else you can do…
I’m here to tell you, THEY’RE WRONG!


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Hi, I’m Dr. Dan Engle, and over the last 20 years I’ve helped over 10,000 people recover from post-concussion syndrome (PCS)…
Dr. Dan Engle on the Joe Rogan Experience
Ben Greenfield
“What I especially like about the Concussion Repair Program is that the course can also be used as a tool to get smarter and think better, even if you haven’t had a concussion. Whether you are a physician, a patient or simply an optimal health seeker, this course and Dr. Engle's book (The Concussion Repair Manual) are must-have's for your personal health library. ”
— Ben Greenfield
Author, Human Performance Consultant
Aubrey Marcus
When a problem has as wide a scope as traumatic brain injury and concussion, you need someone to tackle it from as many angles as possible, and Dr. Engle is exactly that guy.
— Aubrey Marcus
Author, Podcast Host, Founder of Onnit
Jonathan Toews
“As a pro hockey player, I have dealt with several brain injuries as a result of contact on the ice. Unlike any other injury, with concussions there is more worry about whether you will ever heal properly. Dr. Dan has given me confidence that I can improve and heal not only the past injuries, but whatever might come my way down the road.”
— Jonathan Toews
Captain - Chicago Black Hawks
Stanley Cup Champion
Olympic Gold Medalist

If you are suffering from PCS, you are not alone and there is hope...

Over the last 20 years, I've worked with thousands of clients who had been experiencing post-concussion symptoms for months and even years after their last concussion. This is more common than you may think, and since most doctors are only trained to deal with concussions in an emergency setting, they can't usually help their patients with these chronic symptoms.

Post-concussion syndrome can be debilitating, even though you may look "OK" on the outside. Here's some of what I remember from my experience:

Head pounding headaches all hours of the day. 
Uncontrollable outbursts and emotional rollercoasters. 
Forgetting names, dates, or where you put your keys.
Full body fatigue that’s so debilitating you can’t think clearly. 
Sensitivity to light and sound, especially in large groups or busy places. 
Unexplainable depression making it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. 

If that sounds familiar to you and you're currently suffering from PCS, I'm happy you found this page, because I have dedicated years of my life to creating the most comprehensive and effective concussion repair protocol packaged in this easy-to-follow course.

The Concussion Repair Program
A breakthrough holistic Concussion Recovery Course
to self-heal your unique brain injury

Package includes 25+ video lessons, the concussion repair workbook, and the full 6-module course
The Concussion Repair Program
is the first concussion recovery solution of its kind.
The Concussion Repair Program is the first full-spectrum recovery system that rewires your brain and promotes rapid recovery.

Here are a few things that you’ll discover: 
  • The truth about creating the most optimal environment for healing and growth. Plus, multiple breathing methods to relieve stress, stimulate recovery, and promote optimal brain function.
  • What NEVER to do after a concussion. Avoid these at all costs or you’ll sabotage your recovery.
  • The “Assessment Triad”—How your physician or health care practitioner should review your neurology, psychology, and metabolic assessments to set the stage for a speedy recovery. 
  • The easiest way to maximize your nutrition-related recovery. Plus, special “brain foods & supplements” to accelerate recovery and protection.
  • 4 recovery quadrants anyone who suffers from PCS should know like the back of their hand, and how to use them to rebuild your neurological terrain. 
  • “Intervention Stacking” secrets. Tricks to getting the maximum benefit from combining recovery methods.
  • 5 ways to stimulate natural, restorative, and regenerative sleep.
  • The difference between active and passive meditation. How and when to do each, and knowing what’s best for you.
  • 8 food types to absolutely remove for at least 60 days ideally longer. Plus, using the “Recovery Acceleration Diet” to find the most optimal dietary approach for you.
These methods have already worked for thousands of people from all different walks of life...

Professional athletes, stay-at-home moms, corporate executives, active US Military, health and fitness nuts, and the list goes on.

Which means The Concussion Repair Program can work for you too!

Questions? Email us at hello@drdanengle.com
* The Concussion Repair Program
(value $997)
This system has taken me years to develop and breaks concussion recovery down into 6 core pillars for optimal results. 
Introduction To The Concussion Repair Program
  • Six necessary pillars for a successful recovery
  • Concussion recovery support & community ground rules  
  • Brain Injury Basics: Background, simplified definitions, and common misconceptions 
  • 360 degree look at the proven “BOLD” recovery quadrant system
Module One - MINDSET
  • Attitudes & Allies: Psychological success triggers
  • Foundational Concussion Recovery Exercises
  • Discover Your Why: One of the biggest determining factors of recovery
  • Enroll Your Environment: Recruiting your support team
  • Defining Fears: Awareness of barriers we can plan for
  • The Invisible Illness Explainer Video: Helping family & friends understand your injury
  • Defining Fears: Awareness of barriers we can plan for
Module Two - NUTRITION
  • Standard American Diet vs the new Recovery Acceleration Diet (RAD)
  • Introduction to Brain Foods: Anti-inflammatory, cognitive enhancing, neurorestorative & neuroprotective
  • Top 10 easily consumable RAD (Recovery Acceleration Diet) foods 
  • Water: A key to your recovery
  • The importance of the right kind of water
  • The Big 10 supplements targeting accelerated recovery
Module Three - MOVEMENT
  • The Brain Recovery Movement Wheel
  • How to implement active, passive, adaptive, and restorative exercise to your recovery regimen
  • Balancing your Vestibular System and why this is so important
  • Restorative Movement Explorations: Proper use of floatation therapy, fasting, Tai chi, Qigong, visualizations, craniosacral therapy, and so much more.
Module Four - OXYGEN
  • The key role of oxygen in your recovery and healing
  • Simplified breathing techniques to break the stress cycle
  • Nose Breathing: The what, why, and how
  • Why VO2 Max is important to your recovery and how to easily measure
  • Breathwork breakdown: box breathing, Wim Hof, holotropic, biodynamic, and more.
  • Maximizing brain regeneration by following these proven sleep patterns
  • Sleep hygiene strategies to do every night before bed
  • Two types of sleepers: Which are you and how to best fit this into your schedule
  • The #1 cause of stress and chronic disease worldwide
  • Emotionally self-regulating exercises and habits 
  • Using top stress minimizing exercises: Hydrotherapy, neurofeedback, biofeedback, floating and more.
  • The #1 strategy for reducing stress weekly 
  • Primary therapies that mimic life: light, oxygen, nutrition and electromagnetic
  • Recovery enhancing light therapies, plus how and when to use them
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of electromagnetics
  • Endogenous vs. exogenous sound therapies 
  • Mapping out your personal and social rhythms
You Also Get...
* The Concussion Repair Workbook
Exercises & Checklists For Optimal Recovery
(value $197)

The Concussion Repair Workbook breaks down these effective recovery protocols into simple bite-size actions and exercises. 
This way you don’t get bogged down with the details of what to do next.
Concussion Repair Workbook
The Concussion Repair Workbook is a complete 70+ page resource helping you everything you need for a speedy recovery. 
* Plus, These Special Bonuses...

Bonus #1: “Invisible Illness Explainer Video” For Friends & Family (value $29)

One of the most frustrating parts of the concussion recovery process is not getting the support you need from your friends, family, and loved ones. It’s not that they don’t care. They just don’t know how to support you. 

Unless they’ve had a traumatic brain injury and experienced similar symptoms, it’s hard for them to grasp what’s really happening to you and how you feel. Even if they have had an injury, it’s hard because no two concussions are exactly alike.  

The Invisible Illness explainer video was created out of pressing need to help the friends and family members of concussion victims understand the injury… what you might be going through… and most importantly, the best way they can support you in your recovery.

Bonus #2: *Symptoms & Recovery Tracker (value $47)

An important key to optimizing your recovery is being able to properly track your symptoms. Now, you’ll finally have an easy understanding of everything that’s happening. 

We’ve seen a dramatic difference in recovery from those who track their symptoms and recovery versus those who don’t. And since everyone’s injury and recovery process is different, this allows us to see what recovery methods are most effective for you so we can discard the others. 

We’ll show you exactly what to track in all different areas of your life. This is so much more than “Do you have a headache? Check yes or no.”

Why The Concussion Repair Program Is So Effective
We don’t put a strict timeline on your recovery with The Concussion Repair Program because every brain injury is unique. 

Instead, we give you a customizable roadmap for your injury… and stack ALL the odds in your favor to restore and optimize your brain function. 

This system wasn’t just slapped together. It’s been years in the making. I spent decades going deep down rabbit holes researching and trying every possible concussion recovery method that was out there. 

I tried and recorded my experiences (both good and bad) with all different types of medical disciplines, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, eastern medicine, as well as allopathic western medicine.

I put these different systems and protocols into my book—The Concussion Repair Manual— which has helped thousands of people already. But I wanted to take things even further… because clients needed more. 

They needed a step by step, guided implementation program that they could follow simply from their own home. Which is why The Concussion Repair Program was born. 
- Important Disclaimer -
Brain injuries aren’t a quick fix. It’s not like scraping your knee on the ground.

You can’t just clean the cut, put some Neosporin on it, and be magically healed in a few days. 

Some people are back to normal within days. It can take others months. But having the proper recovery protocol for you, will dramatically speed up the process. 

It’s important to remember:

#1. This is NOT a substitute for a direct evaluation from a neurologist or emergency care physician. 
If you have a significant head injury, you should definitely get it assessed in person by a medical professional.

#2. This is NOT your doctor's orders. 
I am a medical doctor, but I'm not your doctor. Even though this protocol includes strategy and support, we don't have the kind of relationship that allows me to personally treat you as a patient.

#3. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach to brain recovery. 
Every brain is different. Everybody's injury is different. This means your healing strategy may be quite different than someone else’s.

The Concussion Repair Program gives you everything you need to create your own customized roadmap.
Will The Concussion Repair Program Work For You?
If everyone's healing path is different, how can you know The Concussion Repair Program will work for you?

every strategy in The Concussion Repair Program has been tested, reviewed, and proven to be an effective treatment for concussion recovery. 

Secondly, these methods have already worked (and continue to work) with thousands of people worldwide.

Thirdly, you’re getting everything to speed up your recovery and reduce the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome.
  • You won't waste time on things that aren’t proven to work.
  • You won't waste money experimenting on expensive and unnecessary recovery methods.
  • You won't have to worry that you’re doing something that might make your symptoms worse.
  • You won't ever have to guess if you’re doing things right.
Andrew Marr
People and head injuries are like snowflakes in that no two are ever the same. Likewise, the path of healing needs to be individualized based on each person’s needs. The Concussion Repair Program gives us the information, tools, and strategies needed to put together our own unique recovery plan. You can recover from head trauma to live and perform at elite levels. Dr. Dan and I are living proof.
— Andrew Marr
U.S. Army Special Forces (RET.)
Co-founder of Warrior Angels Foundation
Co-host of the Warrior Soul Podcast
Damien Hoffman
As the CEO of a large company who also holds high expectations for my time contributions as a father and husband, I need to continuously optimize my health and wellbeing to reach peak performance.

The tools Dan has given me are by far some of the most powerful and effective for making the most of my daily life in a sustainably healthy way. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough for the value he brings to the table.
— Damien Hoffman
Founder and CEO of Cheat Sheet
Jason McNeil
Dr. Dan’s personal TBI recovery, as demanded by a cracking of his own ‘cosmic egg’, opens the door for many warriors to recover from such an insidious ailment.

This program takes deep cuts into understanding TBI’s, and details approachable, effective treatments.

Soldiers, football players, and physicians alike will benefit from studying it's content in an ideal way.

— Dr. Jason McNeil
President of North Valley Medical Center
Joe Polish
I'm friends with some of the top health experts in the health industry, and Dr. Dan has consistently been one of my best sources of information on a huge variety of topics on addiction, health and wellness.

I've personally used him for sage advice in personal and medical matters and frequently refer family and friends to him for support with full confidence.
— Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network
And ArtistsForAddicts.com
Morgan Langan
Dr. Dan uses his own injuries and health challenges to intimately understand the mental, emotional and spiritual components of physical healing.

He empowers his clients to take an active role in every aspect of their own wellness. I have observed him working with hundreds of clients custom tailoring a healing program for the individual's' unique circumstances or crisis.

He has guided me through multiple serious conditions, I feel so blessed to have him as a part of my life and place every confidence in recommending him to all of my clients, friends and family.
— Morgan J. Langan
CEO, Rejuvenation and Performance Institute
I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dan Engle for the past few years and in that period of time my life has changed dramatically for the better.

His guidance and support helped me find the courage I needed to work through several traumatic life events.

Dr. Dan has a giving nature; he's also loyal, hard working, dedicated to his cause and endlessly passionate about helping others. I owe so much of my current state of happiness to him.
— Sally Schultz

Questions? Email us at hello@drdanengle.com